In 2021, 健康信息通信技术 joined with the Kansas Business Group on Health. 然而, the work and the mission remain the same: helping providers improve the identification, 预防, 以及糖尿病患者的管理, 高血压, 高胆固醇.

With funding provided through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we collaborate with healthcare providers to develop team-based care approaches to care delivery in which non-physician team members are empowered to handle the more predictable, routine tasks in patient care to ensure consistency and to allow the physician to focus on the more severe patient issues.

自2016年以来, we have been assisting providers in Wichita and across the state by providing funding and free technical assistance. See the graphics below to get a better understanding of our quality improvement process. 正规澳门赌场app 了解更多!


In partnership with the KU School of Medicine-Wichita, we have completed several quality improvement projects within physician offices that address the identification, 治疗, (when necessary) referral of patients with pre-糖尿病, 糖尿病, 高血压, 或者血液中的胆固醇水平升高.






Improving Hypertension Management Through Positive Deviance



When looking to implement a quality improvement initiative within a healthcare practice, 没有必要重新发明轮子. 下面是一些最佳实践.

  • 美国医疗协会推进团队护理模块:美国医学协会的《正规澳门赌场app》合集® toolkits offer proven strategies on how to implement team-based care to save time, redistribute and share responsibilities with your team, allow you to provide better and more timely care.
  • 魏茨曼研究所的“技能提升”项目: Recognizing the great value and importance of ancillary professionals, the Weitzman Institute provides various upskilling education efforts specifically geared towards MAs and CHWs. This is done to support this segment of the workforce in enhancing their performance and competencies, also setting them up for professional advancement within the field.
  • AHRQ’s White Paper Creating Patient-Centered Team-Based Primary Care: This paper proposes a conceptual framework for the integration of team-based care and patient-centered care in primary care settings, as well as offers some practical strategies to support the implementation of patient-centered team-based primary care.
  • IHI’s various team-based care webinars, sessions, papers: A great collection of resources for optimizing team-based primary care.
  • ACP的团队护理工具包: This toolkit shares best practices and real-life examples of successful team-based clinical care models that include internal medicine physicians working with Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) and other members of the clinical care team.
  • 初级保健合作: The Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder membership organization dedicated to advancing an effective and efficient health system built on a strong foundation of primary care and the patient-centered medical home.
  • 基于意图的领导国际: Intent-Based Leadership is a system of language and practices which challenges traditional leadership models and creates leaders at all levels, helping organizations to transform how they work and how they make decisions.
  • Dr. Bob Badgett’s Living Systematic Review of the Effect of Participation in Quality Improvement Projects: This paper examines burnout related to implementing a quality improvement project, as well as effective ways to structure a quality improvement project for optimal results with minimal provider burnout.
  • Bob Badgett and Julia Emberson’s “Table of Contrasts”: This project is a meta-narrative summary of positive deviance and similar studies that give qualitative contrasts of individual clinicians or clinical sites who are positive deviants in a process or outcome measure, compared to individuals or sites that are not ‘bright spots’.


For more information on how to assess and develop a workflow, check out these resources:


Factors related to a patient’s Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) can play a role as big, 通常是大几倍, 而不是他们接受的诊所护理. In order to determine the patient’s needs, an SDoH screening tool may be required. They are many available, with some being a better fit in certain settings than others. 点击这里 to see a comparative list of many of the available SDoH screening tools.

全人护理提供者 & 资源

When treating patients, it is important to holistically address their health. Holistic care is a comprehensive health management approach to improve the condition of mind, 情绪, behavior of patients with 糖尿病 to better regulate blood glucose levels and improve quality of life. Holistic care focuses on the overall human experience and condition, 从身体上, 在情感上, 社会, 在文化上, 和精神上, considers the effects of the disease not only on the patient, 也对病人的家人和社区有影响. Holistic care providers and resources in Sedgwick County and across the state of Kansas are:

  • 明确的方向
  • 成瘾行为改变健康集团有限责任公司
  • 倡导护理服务公司
  • 匿名戒酒互助社
  • Aveto思想 & 身体保健公司
  • 浸信会无家可归者事工
  • 亨特健康的布鲁克赛德卫星
  • 威奇托各各他教堂
  • 卡米·乔·康纳基金会
  • Cecil Gardener Financial Literacy Community Center
  • 雪松角教堂
  • 明确的方向公司
  • Central Plains Area Agency on Aging (Project Access)
  • 塞奇威克县儿童权益中心
  • 科尔文老年中心有限公司
  • 威奇托唐氏综合症协会
  • Evergreen Community Center Drive-Through Mobile Pantry
  • 自由蹄治疗骑马中心
  • GraceMed
  • 瓜达卢佩诊所
  • 圣家医院
  • 猎人健康
  • ICT美食圈
  • 临时医疗
  • 堪萨斯无障碍和需要基金会
  • 堪萨斯食品银行流动食品储藏室
  • 堪萨斯冥想中心
  • Kansas Tobacco Quit line: 800-784-8669 (800-QUIT-NOW)
  • KaTCH tobacco cessation training for medical providers
  • Kidscope公司
  • 学速教育中心有限公司
  • 医疗贷款柜
  • Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas
  • 弥赛亚的分支
  • 新希望基督教会
  • 首选家庭保健
  • 项目独立
  • 现实生活咨询
  • 新星浸信会
  • 救世军
  • 威奇托高级服务公司
  • 希望之表
  • 大威奇托基督教青年会
  • 旅途教会
  • 象牙塔公司
  • 联合卫理公会青年城
  • 地球之声协会
  • 威奇托第一拿撒勒人教会
  • 女性目标公司
  • 伍德兰湖社区儿童镇有限公司


Identifying, treating, referring for 糖尿病 is best done as a team. 允许非医师团队成员, 比如护士, 医疗助理, 或药剂师, physicians can focus on more acute and severe conditions.

了解如何以不同的方式进行糖尿病护理 (5分钟)

In an effort to increase enrollment in evidence-based programs, such as the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and 糖尿病自我管理 Education & Support (DSMES), we work to maintain a list of all providers of across the state.

Click either image to view and download the full version. We can print and provide this handout for you at no charge, as well as brand it with your organization’s logo. 正规澳门赌场app 了解更多!


Controlling a patient’s 高血压 is one of the most effective live-prolonging therapies in medicine. In order to assist the physician and her care team, it’s important for patients to have their blood pressure checked outside the office.

We’ve developed a partnership with the Wichita Fire Department and Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to perform trained blood pressure checks for any individual, 24/7/365. 本资料, which can be customized with your clinic logo and patient portal information at no charge, provides patients with a map of all the Fire Department and EMS stations, as well as a blood pressure tracking card to record their readings and return them to their provider.

Click either image to view and download the full version. We can print and provide this handout for you at no charge, as well as brand it with your organization’s logo. 正规澳门赌场app 了解更多!


堪萨斯州卫生部 & Environment (KDHE) recently developed a new statewide Self-Management Program Map. This map will help guide you and your patients or employees to programs available throughout the State of Kansas, 包括 慢性病自我管理, 糖尿病自我管理, EnhanceFitness, 健康心脏大使, 糖尿病预防计划, 轻松行走.

点击这里 打开地图,找到你附近的一个项目!


Pharmacists are an often under-utilized source of expertise when helping patients prevent or manage chronic disease. When empowered to work at the top of their license, pharmacists can improve health outcomes for patients, while significantly lowering the burden for physicians.

Under formal agreements between physicians and pharmacists, 称为合作执业协议(cpa), physicians develop a protocol for how the pharmacist can care for patients with specific conditions. 了解更多正规澳门赌场app注册会计师如何工作, hear from a physician who collaborates with pharmacists in this manner. Learn more by watching the recorded presentations below.

注册会计师的要素 (5分钟)

Collaborative Practice Agreements: A Physician Perspective (6分钟)


A Community Health Worker (CHW) is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of and/or has an unusually close understanding of the community served. This trusting relationship enables the worker to serve as a liaison/link/intermediary between health/social services and the community to facilitate access to services and improve the quality and cultural competence of service delivery.

A CHW also builds individual and community capacity by increasing health knowledge and self-sufficiency through a range of activities such as outreach, 社区教育, 非正式咨询, 社会支持和倡导.


卫生工作者如何影响堪萨斯人的健康 (5分钟)

社区如何选择卫生保健员 (6分钟)